I am totally awesome.

Written by David Banham

Clare and I played golf yesterday, which was fancy, but is not the point of this story. The point of the story is that I hit a 200m drive. (There was a bit of an elevation advantage, but it wasn't massive). It went fairly straight, sliced to the right a bit as my shots are wont to do and ended up on the fringe of the fairway about 50 metres from the hole. The fact that I then completely muffshanked my chip and all subsequent shots is also not the point of the story.

Later in the game, on the 9th and last hole I hit a 5 wood 150m uphill onto the freaking green.

Bear in mind when reading this that I am a truly rubbish golfer, and am bloody proud of those two shots. We were playing at the local course down at Castle Cove.