I want this phone.

Written by David Banham

My technolust is raging for the Neo1973 from FIC and OpenMoko. It's a Linux based smartphone with a retardedly high resolution screen, coming out in October. The developer version is already out (this isn't vapourware), but it lacks a few features like WiFi.

I'm just really, really excited for a completely open phone. I'm currently using a Sony Ericsson k800i, which is a great phone, but it's loaded with this goddamned Optus My Zoo Now java app that can't be removed. The shortcut to it is located on the same softkey as the hang up button, meaning that if someone I'm talking to hangs up a call before I do, it loads. This wouldn't be too much of a problem, except that it's really, really poorly written and takes a good few minutes to load, during which time you can't do anything else on the phone. If you try and kill it early, it usually crashes the phone. This is very frustrating behaviour.

Having a completely open phone will mean that crap like this doesn't happen. Having a phone that runs on Linux will mean that I can use tools like cron. My dream is to have the phone set to automatically mirror smh.com.au/text every morning while it's at home on my home WiFi network. That's the main thing I use my data connection for anyway, and it doesn't change throughout the day. I could have the entire newspaper sitting locally on my phone, loading lightning fast, and it wouldn't cost me a cent. If I could get that set up the lack of UMTS wouldn't even bother me.

Also, it would support SyncML meaning I could sync it up with whatever I please. No vendor lock-in like with ActiveSync, gah.

All in all, October is going to be a great month for geekery. Gutsy Gibbon drops and the consumer version of the Neo1973 is released to market. Glee!