Written by David Banham

I've been lax in posting about it, but a few weeks ago I finally bought my first motorbike. I've been moving towards this for years, but it hasn't come together, mainly for reasons of money. I finally pulled the trigger on a Sachs Madass 125. It's a little bike, but it has a few main attributes.

  • It's cheap. $3500 on road.
  • It's light, so it's dead easy to ride and manouver.
  • The build quality is great. The frame has some really pretty welds.
  • It's cheap.
  • The engine is a knock off of the Honda CT110 with a bigger head on it, so it's pretty much bulletproof.
  • It looks awesome.
  • It's cheap. I can definitely see myself picking up a bigger bike in the future (the Triumph Scrambler, Husqvarna SM610 and the Honda CB1300 spring to mind. Mmmmmm.) But while I'm at uni this little machine is great for getting me around.

I'm also having a hell of a lot of fun riding it. My skill levels are improving constantly, and I'm pushing myself harder and harder to get better. Also, I dragged off a bloke on a Suzuki Across on Saturday. Sure, he was a learner who seemed to be struggling really badly, but I beat him nonetheless.